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Making Notes: Cornell Notes

Download the Note Making Template to simplify taking notes, citing your sources and the writing process.  Find out more about how Cornell Notes can help you understand, learn and think about the information you find.

MLA Style

The Modern Languages Association (MLA) publishes a helpful guide to researching and writing academic papers.  This short overview of the MLA Style Guideshows how to cite sources in the list of works cited and prepare proper in-text citations.

MLA and other citation styles are updated frequently to take into account changing formats for information sources.  More current and detailed guidance is available through the MLA Style guides and animated tours from Simon Fraser University Library

MLA guides are also available in opr school library. Find them on our library shelves using Esquimalt High School’s library catalogue.

Citation Generators

These online forms can help you document your sources using different styles:

Writing Guides

The Writing Centre, University of Wisconsin, Madison provides a useful guide to documentation using MLA style.

Scholarly Sources

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  • Alumni Centennial Stories
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  • Into the Wild: Literary Legacies
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  • Historical Twitter: Interwar Years
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  • Fur Trade: Northwest Company & Hudson's Bay Company
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  • Canada, Wars and Peacekeeping
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  • Fragile Ecosystems
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  • Global Living Standards Datasheet Sources
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