Shakespeare Speeches

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Shakespeare’s life: and World Book Online: Shakespeare

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Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre: The Globe Virtual Tour:


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World Book Online

The University of Victoria’s internationally acclaimed Internet Shakespeare Editions website provides access to in depth information about Shakespeare’s plays and poemslife and timesperformance of his works, a guide to the site, and other resources.  For this assignment you will find the “Life and Times” section especially useful:

UVic Internet Shakespear

Student Resources in Context Research Database of encyclopedia articles, videos, magazines and more about Shakespeare’s life and times:

Gale Student Resources


Iambic Pentameter:

1. Examples of Shakespearean Monologue:

Ethan Hawke:  Hamlet – To be or not to be …

Iambic Pentameter Hip Hop

2. Visualizing iambic pentameter:

3. Short quotes to practice iambicpPentameter:,2

4. Tap out rhythms

5. Choose one of Shakespeare’s sonnets or soliloquys