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Technology Impact on Learning:
For technology to positively impact learning it must be carefully selected, accessible to all students, be teacher-supported and fully integrated within the curriculum.

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iPad Resources

  • EdShelf: A directory of websites, apps, and desktop programs that are rated and reviewed by parents and educators, for parents and educators.
  • EdSurge: A great newsletter and a directory of useful tools from an independent source to help educators discover the best products and how to use them and to inspire developers to build what educators and learners need.
  • APPitic: A great site with over 1,300 reviews from Apple and Google Distinguished Educators. These apps have been tested in different grade levels with different instructional strategies.
  • Edudemic: The “go-to” website for cutting edge education news.
  • Edutopia: The George Lucas Foundation’s educational site provides news on trending topics and inspiring content.
  • FreeTech4Teachers: Richard Byrne writes about education technology, reviews products, and is a leader in education technology.

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