Personal Finance

Your Money: Published by the Canadian Bankers Association, this is a one-stop online tool presenting financial information for the young people of Canada.

Investor Education Fund: Canada’s unbiased, non-profit source for information and tools that help consumers make better decisions when investing and managing their money. Established by the Ontario Securities Commission, the province’s securities regulator, the Investor Education Fund helps people make effective use of financial information.

Canadian Consumer Information Gateway: Established by the Office of Consumer Affairs, this is a gateway service with reports and advice on a wide range of consumer topics. Information is organized by consumer type (e.g., young consumers, seniors), by product or service (e.g. buying a used car, televisions), and by issue (e.g., pyramid schemes, privacy protection, identity theft). The gateway also provides instructions on making complaints about products.

The City is the gateway of the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada for students learning about money.