Figure out what to read next

Mr. Orme, ESQ’s teacher-librarian can help you find books based on what other books, movies, games, TV shows and/or authors you like (a.k.a. “readalikes”).  There are lots of services listed below that can help, too.

Take ESQ’s Reader Survey to help you find books you’ll enjoy.


  • Genres or types of stories – Action! Horror! Romance! Fantasy! Dystopian! Or …?  Click here and then scroll down to find books by “Topic”
  • Characters and characterization –  Do you like characters that are detailed, lifelike, quirky, recognizable, familiar, vivid etc.
  • Settings & Locations – Think of time periods and locations that interest you.
  • Themes/topics – Good vs. evil? Love? Redemption? Courage and perseverance? Coming of age? Revenge? We can help you find that!
  • Tone – What is the feel of the story? Funny? Heartwarming? Haunting? Menacing? Nostalgic? Reflective? Upbeat? Violent?…
  • Storyline – What specific elements of the story are emphasized? Action? Multiple plotlines? Plot twists? Character or plot–driven? Issue-oriented? World-building?…

Our school library catalogue, book lists and the sites below can all help you find great new books and authors:

What should I read next?
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