Figure out what to read next?

Let’s find your next favourite book!  Library staff usually start with a book, film, game or author that you liked (or didn’t like) and explore choices from there.

Some common starting points for figuring out what to read next are:

  • Genres – Action? Horror? Romance? Fantasy? Dystopia? There are many more…Also think of subjects you like.
  • Characters & Characterization – How do you describe the characters—detailed, lifelike, quirky, recognizable, repeating (series), vivid etc.) or based on characters you have liked in movies, games, TV shows and books
  • Settings & Locations – Think of time periods and locations that interest you. These may be geographical or historical, and are important to the story.
  • Themes/topics
  • Tone – What is the feel of the story? Funny? Heartwarming? Haunting? Menacing? Nostalgic? Reflective? Upbeat? Violent?…
  • Storyline – What specific elements of the story are emphasized? Action? Multiple plotlines? Plot twists? Character or plot–driven? Issue-oriented? World-building?…

These “Tricks” (appeal factors) are simply ways to notice what it is that you like about the books you like.

Take our survey about what you like (and don’t like) and we’ll help you find something to read that you’ll love!

There are lots of good online tools to help. Some of our favourites are:

Discovering an interesting book is often a matter of finding books or authors that you already know about (Title Readalikes or Author Readalikes). Knowing why you like a book can be a smart tool in moving forward to the next one. At the bottom of the page is a questionnaire that can help you pinpoint that next good read. You can use it yourself or fill it in for us to find the books.

Online guides are also very useful. They vary in complexity, so be sure to experiment with a couple of them. Here are some of our favorites.

Book lists
Special collections at our school library
Search beyond our school library