Global Living Standards

Inquiry into Global Living Standards

United Nations (UN) Human Development Reports
Three basic dimensions of human development: a long and healthy life, knowledge and a decent standard of living.  Build your own table feature to display information.

World Bank Indicators
Example: Population, total

United States of America (USA) Census Bureau
A good source for population pyramids.

United States of America  (USA) Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) World Fact Book
Maps, geography,people, government, economy,communications,transportation, mitary and ackground on transnational issues.

Canadian Geographic: A Developing World
Compare countries’ statistics, find out about the Human Development Index and explore our changing world.

Happy Planet Index (HPI)
Incorporates ecological footprint data with human development indicators.

Wikipedia: Human Development Index
Features information about geography, demographics, economy, politics, society, environment, energy, sustainability and “gross national happiness”.

Wikipedia: Freedom House
Specialized information on types of government.

Governments of the world: A global guide to citizens’ rights and responsibilities
Gale Virtual Reference Library ebook:(login required)

Portals to Country Information