Research Guide

The Top Ten Resarch Skills for Post-Secondary Success is based on research carried out at UBC and SFU.  Find out more about getting started on research and the research into helping students become information literate.

Use A Research Guide for Students to find great tools to conduct research, write A+ papers, effectively deliver a presentationformat a research or term paper, quote passages, and avoid plagiarism.

Rate Yourself as a Researcher

Take this online survey to think about how well you understand how to do research.

Note Making

Download the Note Making Template (Microsoft Word) (Google Doc) to simplify taking notes, citing your sources and the writing process.  Find out more about how Cornell Notes can help you understand, learn and think about the information you find.

Writing Guides

APA at the Writing Centre, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Guides to Online Library Services

ERAC Research Databases


Worldbook Encyclopedia Online: Site Contents Online Tutorial

Gale Virtual Reference Library 

Guides to Software Tools

Inspiration – powerful visual learning, graphic organization and presentation software

Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, Powerpoint tips and guides

Google Tools

Google Advancedfine tune your searches to pinpoint what you  need.

Google Scholar: a search tool that allows you to search several academic databases for scholarly literature, peer reviewed papers, books, abstracts, preprints, and technical reports.

Google Books: millions of great books you can preview or read for free.

Guides to Doing Research Online

Research and Documentation Online: Finding and documenting sources with sample papers in the Humanities, Social Sciences, History and Sciences, as well as tips for evaluating information and style guides. 

Subject Directories

Academic Info: A directory that adds over 200 sources each month and currently has over 25,000 sources.

Awesome Library: Over 25,000 sources designed for teens, parents, or college students available in English and a dozen other languages.

Internet Public Library: Links to general subject areas and ready reference tools from almanacs and calendars to reading rooms and literary criticism.

Virtual Reference Library: A directory with special focus on Canadian content maintained by the Toronto Public Library.

WWW Virtual Library: Links to online resources for academic subjects. over 55,000 frequently updated articles from the Columbia Encyclopedia (6th Edition)

Fact Monster: An online almanac to help you search numerous subjects including World and News, People, and Science.

Choose your News:  select your feeds from websites or search engines and directories that index feeds from the following sites- NewslsFree (

Find out more about how Boolean searches work here

Check out these videos showing simple but powerful web searching strategies

More Google features such as Wonderwheel