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Black Lives Matter
The Burnaby Teachers’ Association published a letter that lists video commentaries...
Jun 8, 2020
Borrowing books during COVID-19
Lots of time to read these days, but tired of what...
Apr 30, 2020
Nominate a book for Victoria Reads 2020!
This year Esquimalt High School is participating in a city-wide reading...
Oct 20, 2019
Check out our new books!
Esquimalt High School's library learning commons is adding new books all...
Oct 6, 2019
Vote Now in ESQ Reads 2019!
What books on the long list did  you read? What did...
Jun 4, 2019

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Capstone: “Who do I want to be?”

A capstone project is one that students work on in their classes and outside of classrooms and that enables them to demonstrate their learning about something they are  personally interested in – even passionate about! A capstone project is something that students can pursue through further education, independent learning and… Read more

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