Borrow a book during COVID-19 closure?

Lots of time to read these days, but tired of what you have at home?  We’re happy to help you out by loaning books from our school library.

Do you know what book or books you want?

Email the title (and author if you know it) to Mr. Orme, our teacher-librarian, at  He will email you back to confirm that your request is available or suggest other options if it isn’t.

Once everything is ready he will bring it to the class you have every day or you can pick it up between classes (11:30 am to 12:00 pm).

Not sure which book or books you want?

Check out Esquimalt High School’s library learning commons online catalogue.   You can browse or search for titles, authors, topics, genres and more!

When you find something you like let Mr. Orme know.  We’ll get it to your class or hold it for you to pick up.

You can also log in to read ebooks and listen to audiobooks using your school computer/WIFI account.

Check out the Greater Victoria Public Library as well